Punta Mita, MX

The undeniable touch of Mexican charm bestowed on this 6 bedroom beachfront villa comes at no cost to simplicity and clean contemporary lines. Faithful to the client’s wishes and the architects, Manuel Mestre and Juan Collignon’s vision for healing architecture, the interior design concept works closely to create a restorative and meditative air to every area, crafting spaces of perceptible wellbeing by incorporating the balance of proportions, light and the elements.

Besides an impressive outdoor infinity pool, the ubiquitous presence of fresh water throughout the property’s exteriors and the carefully crafted flow of fresh air are both characteristic and curative. Zen-like water troughs and fountains forge a intangible tranquility while open spaces invite the sea breeze to dance and soften every corner.

The villa is peppered with eye-catching works of art and crafts by renowned local artists that both accompany the interior design scheme and delight the spectator with their idiosyncrasies. The interior dining room and lounge merges rustic Mexican charm, vibrant colors and contemporary eclecticism for cozy socializing and comfort under a network of impressive wooden beams. Likewise the kitchen is a fusion of state-of-the-art chrome appliances with tropical hardwood finishes for a no fuss, luxury gourmet kitchen.

Details that make all the difference

Casa Majani has a bar made from a vintage surfboard, an ancestral fire pit and impressive palapa.

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