A contemporary intervention in Nicaragua, Rancho Altamar showcases how the perceptive merging of cultures can have delightful design results. Taking the structure and architectural features already in place in Rancho Altamar, the team brought a touch of tropical Mexico to this luxury beachfront property in Nicaragua.

The palapa with its palafito interior stands out as a striking Mexico-inspired feature with its traditional equipales inventively designed in an oversized squat fashion bearing Mexican embroidery in Aztec tones. Mexico’s fascination with rituals both ancient and social can be noted in such ceremonial details as the long wooden deck procession to the palapa and the shallow purification water bowl atop a circle of thick tightly-packed wooden sticks.

However, the true sign of ingenuity falls on the quirky contemporary signature pieces in the living room that dons clean straight lines softened by vibrant cushions and flashes of bright color: bar stools that host like chess bishops, chairs that look like lobster pots molded to the shape of one’s haunches and low pouffes that take the form of giant tortilla baskets. The cherry on the cake of playful details goes to the “tipsy” spiral stairs that lean towards a palapa rooftop fitted for lolling and lounging.

Contemporary Nicaragua - Mexico fusion

Rancho Altamar’s interiors dance between playful elegance, tropical comfort and bespoke details.

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