Art is the blending of inspiration with the heart.

Mexican-born interior designer, Karen Collignon leads a team of experts, technicians, craftsmen and artisans to bring aspirations of your dream home to fruition. Well traveled and having lived in various places across the globe, from San Francisco to London as well as in some of Mexico’s most culturally rich states such as Oaxaca and Nayarit, Karen has a brimming catalogue of experiences that add flavor to her design concepts. Her aesthetic tendencies are imbued with elegance and a penchant for exquisite details derived from her urban encounters while remaining faithful to the vernacular and unique attraction of the indigenous cultures of Mexico where she lives.

Karen boasts an incredible artistic legacy, her father Juan Collignon being renowned for his architectural design while her namesake aunt having forged a highly acclaimed trajectory as an interior designer. Stepping out of these great footsteps, Karen Collignon paves the way for a new generation of creative interior artists, bringing her original flare and extended experience to the mix as well as her keen perception to interpret the wishes of her clients.

Her wide range of experiences as an interior designer are fabulously manifest in the homes she has crafted, where the merger of contemporary taste and clean lines with rural charm and organic forms make for incredibly inviting spaces. In addition to utilizing natural fabrics with a modern twist and hand-woven textiles, Karen proposes novel ways to shape wood and stone for original effects. Her predilection for juxtaposing hand-crafted elements side by side classic pieces of furniture and one-of-a-kind freestanding pieces creates a distinctive personality for each home she designs. Light also plays a significant role in her residential compositions where she creates subtle spaces brightly bathed in light during the day while elegantly illuminated at night.

For Karen, forging synergy and positive relationships with her clients is paramount; she listens to their desires and requirements, transforming their imaginations into tangible, touchable objects, into palettes of shades and hues, into livable spaces.

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